Friday, February 5, 2016

Portfolio Pieces

Thesis: Galactic Mjolnir (Team members: Gabriel Gomez, Kevin Reichwein)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beautiful BIOME

Today, we have just submitted a project called "Beautiful Biome" for my 3D class. We are supposed to make an scientific classified nature environment. The goal of this assignment is to practicing making organic shapes and making foliage cards. I feel this assignment is kind of like making a painting of nature, but it is in 3D, I am kind of weak of coming out a great composition, but overall I like what I got now. We have 8 days to finish this environment, therefore we need to rush many things, I definitely feel that I need more time to fix some issues.  I need to tweak a bunch of stuffs later, like the UV maps and light maps of many stuffs.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Break ZBrush Practise

Here are some updates of what I did during my summer break, me and my comrade Mike are making a underwater world for fun, so all the rocks are supposed to simulate underwater rocks, kinda like corals and volcano, anyhow they need to have very coarse and rough surfaces. These are just ZBrush practices, I have also UV and textured them, they look great in our environment, Mike has the .udk file, so I don't have the textured version of rocks with me. Here are just some sculptures of part of the rocks:

3D Assignment: Before and After Texturing

This "Before and After" assignment is to make us geek out the material editor in UDK, this is the first time we ever touch vertex painting, it is extremely useful for blending two textures. Everyone is supposed to create a simple model, my pick is ICE CREAM...... so far, I have just textured my ice cream, simple diffuse maps plus secular maps, so we call this the 1st pass of texturing, next, we are going to use vertex painting, I am going to make the ice cream cone dip into chocolate. Here is just the 1st pass:

Final Render: I made the cream sparkling and put reflections on both the chocolate and the cream. Of course, I added sprinkles on top of the ice cream cone. To enhance the shape of the cream and the cone, I used tessellations. Here are my final renders, please click them for full size images. Thanks!

3D Assignment Modular Kit: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

We have finished our first assignment in our 3D class, it likes what we did last year: making modular parts to construct an environment. However, this time we only have two weeks to finish, we have strict restrictions on  all the maps (a 2048 px square), poly-counts limit and we cannot use other people's models. My theme is the New York Stock Exchange. Here are some screenshots of my environment to show the steps I went through: